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Katherine Lewis & James Cameron

Sarasota, Florida (United States)
We chose Wed&Wish because we’ve already been living together for 5 years and did not need more household items. We definitely recommend Wed&Wish!

Marcela Osorio & Rodrigo Gallegos

Barcelona, (Spain)
Rodrigo and I met about 10 years ago. We were friends but we were not dating, just plain and simple friends. One day he was invited to a wedding that I really wanted to go but that I was not invited, so I asked him to take me as his date. He said, "sure, why not?" At the wedding we had a great time, dancing all day and all night long. After 7 years together we are still dancing.

He proposed to me one year ago at the beach. We were walking near the sea and he wanted to jump into the water and swim. While we were swimming Rodrigo said to me, "Have you seen this small little fish down the water?" I didn't see anything. He told me "Look! Here it is..." and gave me an incredible deep blue sapphire and asked me to marry him!

When we decided to get married we were already living together and had almost everything in our home. We started planning everything for the wedding and we tried to build a website by ourselves (a virtual type of gifts site), but it was a lot of work. Then one of our friends told us about Wed&Wish and that through them we could register for honeymoon gifts and experiences that we both liked. We thought that it was a great idea, and that's how we got in touch with Wed&Wish.

Our family and friends loved our registry. It was fun, easy and convenient for all, even for the not-so-internet savvy. The honeymoon experiences they gifted us were incredible! For example, we got a bicycle ride in Kyoto, a picnic in a cherry blossom spot, a bottle of champagne in a Ryokan, Shiatsu foot massage and ginsu knives. These were all much better than getting an extra blender from an ordinary department store.

We had an incredible honeymoon, full of great experiences, unforgettable dinners and massages. All possible thanks to the love of people that planted small seeds that grew into a big thing.

Adriana Rodriguez & Iñigo González de Cosio

San Diego, CA (United States)
We had a great experience using Wed&Wish! Our friends and family found it easy to use and give us the gifts we really wanted and needed. For us, Wed&Wish was a great tool as it gave us an easy and fun way to manage our registry for the things we really needed, without the hassle of signing up in various department store sites. Thank you Wed&Wish, you were a vital part in one of the most important days of our lives.

Maria Alexandra & Luis Monroy

Bogotá, (Colombia)
When we started looking for gift registries we knew that we wanted an option where gifts could be converted into cash, so that later we would have more time available to choose and buy what we really wanted. Asking for cash gifts is really complicated, and Wed&Wish looked discreet and fun, which is why we chose them.

We found out about Wed&Wish through a friend who used them for her wedding. We contacted them and found it really easy to use. The best thing was their customer service.

Managing our funds was really easy, too. Everything was transparent and worked perfectly as advertised. PayPal is also a very easy and secure platform to use.

Priscilla Schroeder & Luis Cervantes

México City, DF (Mexico)
Luis and I met one night in Mexico City. We dated for 5 years and then he proposed by organizing a “rally” throughout Mexico City with our most important places, family and friends.

We found out about Wed&Wish and chose them for our gift registry through our friend’s recommendations. Also, we were moving to another country so this was our best option.

For our friends and family Wed&Wish was very easy to use and buy gifts. They enjoyed choosing the best gift even though they knew it was like giving us money. This was what we really needed.
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Sarah Guppy & Pablo Pérez

Mexico City, Distrito Federal (Mexico)
Pablo and I were already living together and we didn't need more stuff around the house. We found Wed&Wish and thought a wedding fund was a simple and fun way for friends and relatives all over the world to give a personalized gift. We were able to tailor our list and edit prices to suit the likes and needs of us and our guests.

Wed&Wish meant that we could still receive and administer cash gifts from anywhere in the world once we were on our honeymoon! We’ve already recommended Wed&Wish to our friends - Sarah

Emily Rudy & Tyler Smith

Lincoln, Massachusetts (United States)
Wed&Wish was great for us because most of our guests were from out of town. Their site design is awesome and the fees are pretty low.

Kate Paneros & Simon Dyer

Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)
We decided to use Wed&Wish because the items we wanted were too expensive for our guests to buy. By breaking gifts into multiple units friends were able to crowdfund, so we got the things we really wanted.

Diana Muñozcano & Gonzalo Astudillo

Ciudad de México, DF (Mexico)
We lived together before getting married so we already had a lot of stuff. We had never heard of a honeymoon fund before and were concerned that our guests wouldn’t use it but it worked out great. We’re so glad we were recommended to your site. Thanks! –Diana

Paola Casale & Luke Middleton

Mexico City, DF (Mexico)
We were going to move to a different country after the wedding and preferred to have the money instead of gifts. For us Wed and Wish was the best option because it worked better than a traditional wedding gift registry. Using Wed and Wish allowed us to use the value of our guests’ gifts for exactly what we needed. It was simple and easy to use for guests from different countries and languages. -Paola
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