This is no ordinary cash bridal registry! Dream up any gift you want, name your price and split the gift into affordable gifts that everyone can participate in.
Don't have good ideas yet for creative gifts? Don't worry! Our 1-click gift idea tool makes it simple to add and customize your gifts from a large selection of fabulous presets.
Add as many gifts as you want. There is no limit to the amount of gifts you can add or how many people you want to enable to participate in each gift.
Some gifts are quite large so enabling many people to participate in buying you each gift is a great way to make it affordable for everyone. Want a $2,000.00 cruise? Break it into 10 gifts of $200.00 each or 20 gifts at $100.00 each!.
Imagine & Add Your Dream Gifts
Use Our 1-Click Tool To Easily Add Preset Gift Ideas
No Limits On Quantity Of Gifts
Break Up Large Ticket Items Into Smaller Milestones So More People Can Contribute To A Gift
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