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  • cash to couples and secure payments via PayPal
  • on your referrals or donate proceeds to charity
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  • * Amount is estimated based on an average of 25 gifts bought per registry, You may receive less or more than the advertised amount.

    Please read our Terms of Use for eligible couples. All currency amounts are expressed in USD.


The most innovative and stylish wedding and honeymoon cash registry service currently online, Wed&Wish allows couples to receive monetary gifts in a discreet and elegant way. Couples using Wed&Wish are able to register for experiential gifts for their honeymoon, home or wedding that they receive as cash directly into their PayPal account. In turn, gift givers feel that they are giving the marrying couple something both romantic and real.

In a growing non-traditional gifting market, Wed&Wish stands out for its excellent customer service and benefits, cosmopolitan design and international appeal. Read on to find out more about the Wed&Wish difference and to learn
how you can partner with us.

As a wedding planner, you?re entrusted with the sacred duty of ensuring that a couple?s big day goes as smoothly as possible. Your professional reputation is of the utmost importance, and we understand and appreciate that you only wish to recommend products and services that uphold the highest standard of excellence to your clients.

We would love for you to consider Wed&Wish when recommending a service to couples who are looking to register their honeymoon or other non-traditional monetary gifts. We believe that our all-encompassing professionalism and dedication to customer care put us head and shoulders above the other current cash registry websites, and that once you experience our service, you will too.

Here are just a few reasons why Wed&Wish is a service that you can recommend with confidence.

Sophisticated design and discreet gifting.

Couples using Wed&Wish are able to register for and receive experiential gifts as cash directly into their PayPal accounts. Wed&Wish takes care to finesse the monetary gift giving process with our stylish and user-friendly website, so that even the most traditional gift giver feels comfortable and satisfied with their registry purchase.

Fast and secure payments.

Unlike other cash registries that require participating couples to provide their bank account information or to wait for a slowly processed check to arrive, Wed&Wish?s integration of PayPal allows for fast, secure payments that respect and protect the privacy of our customers? personal financial data.

Maximum cash to couples.

Other cash registry sites can charge couples exorbitant fees for using their services, significantly reducing the overall amount of honeymoon funds that they receive. Wed&Wish firmly believes that our couples should enjoy the maximum benefit of their monetary gifts, and the only fees deducted are the negligible ones issued by PayPal.

Internationally inclined.

Because Wed&Wish uses PayPal as our payment processor, we are able to serve couples in many international countries that other gift registries don?t. This allows couples across the globe to use our registry service, as well as accept payments from friends and family living abroad.

Earn money for each couple you send, or donate your proceeds to charity.

We are deeply grateful for the referrals of those working in the wedding industry, and have created an affiliate reward program as a way to show our appreciation. Once you sign up for our affiliate program, you will be provided with a custom URL and promo code, which will allow you to track each referral that you send our way. We pay our affiliate partners $2 per gift, with an average of $50 earned per referred couple*.

For those who prefer not to receive money for their professional referrals, Wed&Wish offers a charitable giving option. We will send the entirety of your commission fees to the charity of your choice, on the same monthly basis that we payout on commissions. We cherish your referral and are happy to forward your earnings directly to the charity of your choice as a token of our thanks.

* Based on an estimated 25 gifts per wedding

Offering the most potentially profitable wedding and honeymoon registry affiliate program currently on the market,earning money with Wed&Wish is fast and easy:

Create your Wed&Wish affiliate account
  • ? Sign up is fast and free, with no monthly fees or binding contracts
Share Wed&Wish with clients, friends and readers
  • ? You will be provided with a personalized URL and your own exclusive promo code to promote and track your referrals to Wed&Wish
Watch the commissions add up
  • ? Your exclusive tracking code allows you to monitor each referral that you send to Wed&Wish in real time
Get paid for your referrals or donate the proceeds to charity
  • ? Affiliates receive $2 every time a referred couple receives a gift on Wed&Wish
  • ? Based on an estimated 25 gifts per wedding Affiliates receive on average $50 per referred couple
  • ? Affiliates can opt to donate their affiliate commissions to charity
  • ? Affiliates are paid monthly via PayPal in USD
  • ? Minimum commission payout is $50

Wed&Wish is ideal for couples who simply do not have a need for physical wedding gifts. Many of the couples using Wed&Wish already have the items that a traditional registry provides, and would prefer to register for cash gifts that they could use for their honeymoon, their home or even for the wedding itself. Wed&Wish presents these monetary gifts in a discreet and tasteful way to gift givers, making them feel that they are buying something tangible and useful for the marrying couple.

Wed&Wish?s integration of PayPal means that couples can receive their honeymoon and wedding funds quickly and safely, without providing sensitive banking information.

Couples using Wed&Wish prefer our service?s dedication to customer care, international availability and trusted and fast payment method over other leading cash registry websites.

  • WedandWish is ideal for couples who:

  • · Prefer cash over physical gift items
  • · Are seeking a professional, modern and stylish registry website
  • · Appreciate the benefits that PayPal provides for payment and account management
  • · Have international guests or gift givers
  • · Want a superior customer service and user experience
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