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Wedding and honeymoon registry made for the modern couple.

WedandWish.com is a wedding and honeymoon gift registry made for couples who prefer to receive cash gifts, in lieu of physical gift items from traditional department stores. We use PayPal (a world renowned online payments provider) to process payments and transfer gifts purchased (as cash) directly into the couple’s PayPal account. This enables us to stand out from our competition by providing a more transparent and secure way of managing cash gifts. Moreover, we offer an attractive and easy-to-use site layout that provides the guest and couple a great gift buying experience. Wed&Wish launched in July of 2010, and has since served several hundred couples worldwide. Create your own registry now.

Who is using Wed&Wish?

Couples today are not the same as they were in decades past. They don’t go from their parents’ houses to their first house as a married couple anymore. Wed&Wish reflects this change by bringing a modern flare to the wedding gift registry process. With an increasing number of people going into marriage already having the things that they need to furnish their home, people are now turning to a different way of giving wedding gifts. So, whether you simply have all the “stuff” you need, you have friends and family all over the globe who want to send you gifts or you just want to get help funding your exotic honeymoon, Wed&Wish is the wedding gift registry for you.

Our Commitment

The Wed&Wish commitment is to always have the best interests of the couple in mind. In everything that we do, we try to make getting wedding gifts easy and fun for couples. Our service is entirely free for couples. However, PayPal does charge a small and reasonable fee for receiving gifts. We believe this should be the most fun, special and hassle-free time in your life, and we do everything we can to help make that happen by providing a unique wedding gift registry.

The Wed&Wish Guarantee

We aren’t the only service for giving cash wedding gifts out there, but we do have a unique guarantee. When someone gives you a wedding gift through our site, the money is deposited directly and almost instantly into your PayPal account – guaranteeing that you get full ownership of your gifts. The majority of competitive sites pool your money with that of other couples and only sends it to you upon request. You should be careful of whom you trust to manage your wedding gifts. PayPal is a world renowned online payments provider that offers a transparent and manageable platform for you to transfer your gifts to your bank account at any time. Wed&Wish never touches your money or the financial information of the person giving you money. That way you can be sure that you get every penny that was intended for you, and your family and friends can know that you have received the gift they gave.

Customer Service

Customer service is of the utmost importance to us at Wed&Wish. We make the best effort to answer your questions and address any concerns that you might have about our wedding gift registry service promptly. At Wed&Wish we create an experience for couples and the people who give them wedding gifts, and part of that experience is our unparalleled customer service team. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Affiliate Program

Earn money every time you refer an eligible couple to Wed&Wish! We offer an extremely competitive affiliate program, with average earnings of $50 per wedding. Affiliate commissions are deposited directly into your PayPal account or donated to the charity of your choice. Sign up now - it's completely free and only takes a minute of your time. Click here to get started.

Thank You for Sharing this Special Time in Your Life with Us! The Wed&Wish Team

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WedandWish is ideal for couples who:

  • Don't need more stuff around the house.
  • Prefer cash to physical gift items
  • Are moving away after the wedding
  • Have guests coming in from abroad
  • Want to buy a very expensive gift and let everyone chip in on it

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